Celebrating our 2020 Graduates

Graduation  Outdoor MarqueeTypically, we would be hosting school and graduation celebrations this time of year. Although we are unable to do so due to COVID-19, we still want to recognize students on such a big accomplishment. To support and acknowledge all 2020 graduates, we have decided to display their photos on our outdoor marquee.

Any and all graduates are welcome to be added to our four color, outdoor marquee. If interested, email your photo and name to info@martiniquebanquets.com.

“We love hosting our local schools and graduation parties and want to support our community,” said Martinique Manager Steve Vargas. “These graduates are our future leaders.”

“We were inspired by the parades and lawn signs and decided that our sign was another way to give recognition,” added Steve.

Hats off to our recent grads! For more information, you can call the office at 708-424-1776. You can also follow Martinique Banquets on Facebook for the latest updates.

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