Save Money with a Double Quinceañera

Double the quinceañera, double the fun. Combine two quinces and get two for the price of one!

Double quinceañeras are rising in popularity. Hosting a quinceañera with another family member or friend is a great way to have a beautiful event and save money. Both families can the share costs of the banquet hall, photographer, DJ and décor. This oftentimes can allow for a few extra upgrades that might not have originally been in the budget.

Here at Martinique Banquets, we have had the opportunity to help plan double quinceañeras (and even a few weddings). Recently, we had Nadia and Sophia’s quinceañera and it turned out beautifully. Both girls had their own cakes and together they planned a special dance with their fathers and court. You can see a video of their celebration here.

Stop in to meet with Miguel to plan a beautiful and memorable Quinceañera. To set up an appointment, you can call our office at 708-424-1776 or email We can provide a tour of our Grand Ballroom and Celebrity Ballroom and discuss our Cotillion packages in more detail. For photos and ideas, visit our Facebook page.

Double Quinceanera Grand Ballroomdouble quinceaneraDouble quinceanera cakes

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